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Pretzel & Stouffer represents a wide array of professionals in complicated legal matters affecting their business and individual practice. From risk management services to the defense of professional malpractice and fraud claims to assist with state licensure matters, our clients consistently call on us whatever the circumstance.

Pretzel & Stouffer has become well-known for its proficiency in representing accountants, appraisers, architects, engineers, insurance brokers and producers, realtors, teachers, financial institutions and stock brokers, among others. With a diverse background and driven, trial-ready approach, our attorneys—many of whom have experience in engineering, teaching, accounting, and other non-legal professions—are some of the most respected professional liability lawyers in Illinois. The success of our professional liability practice is due in large part to our emphasis on collaboration with our professional clients. This approach allows us to fully understand the unique issues related to each client’s practice, which regularly leads to successful results.

We frequently represent clients acting in their capacity as directors and officers for businesses as well as not-for-profit entities, like condominium associations. In this capacity, we provide defense services for breach of fiduciary duty claims and class action suits. We also counsel licensed professionals on risk prevention and work closely with our professional clients involved in litigation to minimize interference in their day-to-day activities.

Pretzel & Stouffer understands the full range of risks that licensed professionals face on a daily basis. Our professional liability attorneys take great care and pride in working with licensed professionals to maintain and protect the fruits of their profession. This is why our licensed professional clients routinely ask us for assistance.

Related News & Results

Brian Henry and Kayla Condeni secure a defense verdict for orthopedic surgeon accused of negligently performing a total hip replacement

Brian Henry and Kayla Condeni successfully defended an orthopedic surgeon in a 1.5 week trial in Cook County. The orthopedic surgeon was accused of negligently overlengthening a patient’s leg when performing a total hip replacement. The plaintiff requested over $1 million in damages after claiming the patient could no longer work, was disfigured, and experiencing ...

August 2023

Brian Henry speaks at the University of Chicago Medical Center

Brian Henry recently was a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago Medical Center for emergency medicine resident physicians covering multiple medical liability topics . This was the 49th year of this seminar and Mr. Henry has been a guest lecturer for more than 30 years.

April 2022 | Firm News

John Smith and Ryan Shupe Obtain Dismissal of Orthopedic Surgeon

John Smith and Ryan Shupe recently obtained dismissal of their orthopedic surgery client in a lawsuit alleging medical malpractice.  The plaintiff claimed that postoperative ordering and administration of pain medications caused cardiac arrest, hypoxic brain damage, and death.  John and Ryan litigated the case for several years, through extensive discovery, discovery disputes, and an appeal.  ...

May 2020

Pretzel & Stouffer shareholders Robert Chemers, Matthew Egan, Edward Ruff, and Richard Waris named as Super Lawyers in Illinois for 2020

  Robert Chemers – Insurance Coverage and Appellate Matt Egan – Civil Litigation, Professional Liability, and Employment Law Ed Ruff – Class Action Mass Torts,  Products Liability, Medical Malpractice, and Business Litigation Richard Waris – Business Litigation and Professional Liability We congratulate Robert, Matt, Ed, and Dick for again being recognized for their outstanding legal ...

March 2020 | Firm News

Domination Theory As An Exception to Statute of Limitations Explained

  Pretzel & Stouffer partner, Donald Eckler, together with Alice Sherren published an article in the Professional Liability Defense Quarterly entitled “Everybody Wants to Rule the World: Adverse Domination and Legal Malpractice Claims.” See the article below. The article discusses the adverse domination theory as an exception to the statute of limitations in relation to ...

January 2020 | Firm News

Pretzel & Stouffer Attorneys Prevail in Appellate Court Sustaining Dismissal for Accountant

In another example of Pretzel & Stouffer’s robust professional liability defense practice, Brendan Nelligan and Matthew Egan recently prevailed in the Illinois Appellate Court on behalf of the firm’s clients, an accountant and his firm who were sued for professional malpractice arising from allegations that the accountants misadvised certain clients. The circuit court dismissed the ...

July 2019

Pat Eckler Publishes Article on Statute of Limitations for Accoutnants

Pretzel & Stouffer partner, Donald Patrick Eckler, recently published an article in the Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly on Mitchell v. Stonecasters, LLC, 2018 IL App (2d) 180127. In the article he discusses the continued expansion of the definition of professional services under the Illinois Public Accounting Act for the purposes of the statute of limitations ...

July 2019 | Firm News

Matt Tibble Gives Presentation on Risk Management for Accountants

Pretzel & Stouffer attorney Matthew Tibble recently gave a webinar for continuing education for accountants entitled “Professional Liability Risk Management Beyond Busy Season.” Matt presented with Joseph W. Richardson, CP, CFE, from Harper & Pearson Company, P.C., and Sarah Ference, CPA, from CNA Insurance. The webinar focused on the importance of liability risk beyond the ...

June 2019 | Firm News

Appellate Court Victory in Accounting Malpractice Case

Brendan Nelligan and Matthew J. Egan once again prevailed in the Illinois Appellate Court on behalf of the firm’s clients, an accountant and his firm who were sued for professional malpractice arising from alleged advice they provided certain clients which purportedly resulted in a loss suffered by the clients in a subsequent collections action. The circuit court had ...

December 2018 | Firm News

Investigators Defended Against Claims after Exoneration of Criminal Defendants

Suzanne Crowley, defended five investigators against claims of civil rights violations, malicious prosecution and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The investigators were appointed to assist two special prosecutors concerning alleged wrongdoing by a State’s Attorney and his staff. Plaintiffs alleged that the special prosecutors and the investigators fabricated evidence and withheld exculpatory evidence resulting in ...

September 2017 | Firm News