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Pretzel & Stouffer understands construction litigation. Our elite team of trial attorneys—including a number who previously worked in construction—knows the language, laws, and nuances of the industry, giving our clients a distinct advantage in cases where millions of dollars may be at stake.

For decades, we have tried high-profile cases involving catastrophic personal injury or property damage arising out of construction accidents, infrastructure collapses, fires, explosions, and other adverse events. Our extensive experience includes acting as lead counsel in some of the most high-profile and devastating structural failures at stadiums, residential and commercial buildings and hotels across the country.

Due to the strength of our insurance coverage practice, we are also highly adept at handling construction insurance issues, from identifying tender issues, successfully defending a contractor’s excess insurance company to negotiating a high-low agreement that saved our client, another excess insurance carrier, millions of dollars in coverage payments.

Our attorneys are familiar with the complicated and technical aspects of the defense of architects, engineers and other industry professionals including design-builders and real estate developers, making us skilled and adept at defending them.

Clients trust us for our advice throughout the entire real estate development and construction process. So much so that we frequently provide day-to-day guidance on issues including contract negotiation, lending arrangements, property acquisition, and liens, as we believe in a preventative approach to managing risk in contract drafting, liens, and minor disputes.

We have represented many construction disciplines in a wide array of actions, including personal injury and wrongful death, fraud, construction defects, nuisance, premises liability, breach of contract and breach of indemnity. Many of these cases, such as those involving improper foundation work that causes window leaks and cracks in outer walls, call for our in-depth knowledge of architectural and building design standards.

Our clients include architects; construction professionals; design-builders; electrical contractors; engineers; general contractors and subcontractors; insurance companies; real estate developers; roofers; window installers; and steel fabricators and erectors.

Our construction industry clients benefit from the comprehensive experience and professional service our attorneys provide. We advise our clients through all phases of construction, and if litigation is necessary, our clients know who to call.

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