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Road rage theory dismissed

Aubrey Sudomier and Tom Draths recently defeated a claim involving a road rage incident. Through their factual development and aggressive advocacy, Aubrey and Tom established that their opponent’s apparent agency theory did not have a legal basis to proceed beyond its earliest stages.  Aubrey and Tom’s client was dismissed from the case.  

July 2021

$70 Million Project Carries on with P&S Help

Pretzel & Stouffer teammates John Scheid, Tom Draths, and Rich Burgland recently defeated an effort to enjoin their client’s $70 million public works project. In response to their opponent’s request for temporary restraining orders and injunctive relief, John, Tom, and Rich acted quickly and efficiently to gather evidence to support their arguments that the project’s …

July 2021

Dismissal Secured on Behalf of Pulmonologist and Medical Group

Brian Henry and Alexander Beehler successfully defended a pulmonologist and medical group in a lawsuit filed by a plaintiff who alleged that a surgical procedure caused partial paralysis along with bowel and bladder dysfunction. After the medical negligence lawsuit proceeded through expert discovery, the plaintiff voluntarily dismissed the claims against the pulmonologist and medical group …

July 2021

Dismissal with Prejudice Obtained on Behalf of a Municipality

Quinn Donnelly and Patrick Healy obtained the immediate dismissal with prejudice of a Complaint against a municipality that sought to recover for injuries allegedly sustained when the plaintiff crashed his motorcycle on a municipal roadway. Quinn and Pat argued that the plaintiff’s claims against the municipality were time-barred under the one-year statute of limitations set …

July 2021