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Pretzel & Stouffer is constantly involved in defending high-risk, high-exposure product liability cases in Illinois and across the nation. As an elite trial firm, we are adept at handling high-stakes cases for companies with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line.

We frequently try complex product liability cases across the United States, including multidistrict litigation spanning dozens of states. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of engineering and technical matters, we have successfully defended against virtually every type of claim involving design issues, manufacturing negligence, and improper warnings. Based on our reputation for achieving positive outcomes, companies often retain us as counsel for product “bellwether” test trials that will shape future cases and settlements.

For each case, we immerse ourselves in all aspects of the product and take pride in becoming an authority on its design, production, and use. The combined strength of our attorneys with solid engineering and technical backgrounds—along with our strong relationships with proven expert witnesses—allows us to ask the right questions to best defend our clients.

We are deeply knowledgeable in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulatory requirements and often assist companies in navigating related investigations and product recalls.

With a select group of highly respected trial lawyers and a reputation for technical knowledge in highly complex cases, we stand “trial ready” to secure a timely outcome for our clients, either through aggressive pretrial maneuvering that leads to a desirable settlement or through a favorable verdict at trial. If litigation is required, we take a comprehensive approach that integrates all aspects of representation to minimize vulnerabilities and expedite favorable outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

From small businesses to publicly traded multinational companies, we represent manufacturers, distributors and retailers of consumer and medical products including: e-cigarettes; fabrics and textiles; industrial, plumbing and home improvement products; machine and power tools; medical devices; moving sidewalks; paper shredders; pet food; pharmaceuticals; racetrack surfaces; ski resorts; alpine slides; sports, exercise and bicycle equipment.

Our skilled and tenacious product liability defense attorneys are well-known and highly-regarded in the industry. Our clients put their trust in us to defend the most complex and difficult cases, and our track record proves that we consistently deliver favorable results.

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