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Pretzel & Stouffer believes that proactive risk management is the best defense when it comes to employment-related issues. Clients regularly ask us to create or revise their employee handbooks, policies and procedures because they know we have the extensive experience required to properly perform these tasks.

While risk management is essential and although much of our practice encompasses risk prevention, we understand that even an employer’s best efforts cannot eliminate claims altogether. When a claim occurs, our team of skilled, experienced and trial-ready attorneys works closely with our clients to reach the best possible resolution.

We have successfully represented large and small companies as well as sole proprietorships and individuals in cases involving retaliatory discharge, discrimination, and all civil rights claims under Title VII, Section 1981 and Section 1983 as well as state claims under the Illinois Human Rights Act. We have also defended claims involving the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act, allegations of harassment, whistleblowing, ERISA, breach of employment contracts and violations of non-compete agreements and other types of alleged employer wrongdoing.

We are on the front lines litigating claims brought under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, and Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, particularly in cases filed as class actions based on allegations of the misuse or mishandling of employee data.

Our employment attorneys are highly experienced with the practices and procedures governing investigations and proceedings brought by the government agencies charged with enforcing labor and employment laws, including the: U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division; Illinois Department of Labor; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Illinois Department of Employment Security; Illinois Department of Human Rights; Illinois Human Rights Commission; National Labor Relations Board; Occupational Safety and Health Administration; and Various Local Government Employment and Human Rights Agencies.

Many of our clients employ workers who are governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act wage and hour requirements, and we often defend these companies against allegations of failure to pay overtime, improper classification and other issues. We are well-versed on state and federal Department of Labor wage and hour investigations, and we frequently represent and counsel clients through the entire process.

We have decades of experience both advising and defending clients in employment-related matters. From claim prevention to defense at trial, our employment law team has the requisite experience and skill to effectively and successfully handle any employment-related issue.

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