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Successful Defense of Three Physicians

Brian T. Henry has recently successfully defended three physicians in cases alleging professional negligence. In each case, the jury returned a verdict for the defendant doctor.

Mr. Henry represented an Internist in a case where the plaintiff alleged a failure to refer the patient to a vascular surgeon for treatment of a pseudoaneurysm after a CT scan detected an acute bleed in the patient’s left leg and hip.

In the second trial, Mr. Henry represented an Interventional Cardiologist against allegations by the plaintiff administrator of a failure to diagnose coronary vasospasm and an NSTEMI as the likely causes of the decedent’s chest pain. An angiogram did not reveal significant coronary artery disease. Plaintiff claimed that the defendant’s failure to treat with calcium channel blockers and Plavix resulted in the decedent’s death a month later.

Most recently, Mr. Henry represented a Pulmonologist who was sued by a decedent’s estate which claimed that a failure to obtain the decedent’s informed consent and the performance of an unnecessary bronchoscopy resulting in a fatal bleeding complication.

In addition to his active trial practice, Mr. Henry also participated in April as a faculty instructor in a seminar attended by University of Chicago Hospital’s Emergency Medicine residents. Mr. Henry has participated in similar annual seminars for more than 20 years.

September 2014 | Firm News