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Pretzel & Stouffer Attorneys Obtain Not Guilty Verdict for Cardiologist


A Pretzel & Stouffer trial team of Edward Ruff and Mimi Moon obtained a not guilty jury verdict in Cook County, Illinois for a defendant cardiologist who discharged a 61 year-old female patient from a renowned teaching hospital. Twelve hours after being discharged, the patient died from an intra-abdominal hemorrhage.

Plaintiff’s allegation against the cardiologist was that he failed to keep the patient in the hospital for observation after a number of cardiac procedures, resulting complications and discharged her on full dose blood thinners. Plaintiff alleged the cardiologist should have anticipated the bleed. The defense contended that the Teaching Attendant physician was reasonable in discharging. No offer was made on behalf of the cardiologist. The jury returned a not guilty verdict for the defendant cardiologist.


May 2019 | Firm News