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Illinois Appellate Court, First District, Affirms Dismissal of Defamation Action

Robert Marc Chemers and Adrian Rohrer secured a victory in the Illinois Appellate Court when the Court affirmed the dismissal of all claims of defamation and civil conspiracy against a former board member of a large Chicago non-profit organization. The appellate court issued its 31 pages published opinion relying solely on the strength of the briefs and without entertaining oral argument. The appellate briefing followed the lead of Pretzel & Stouffer’s successful arguments in the Cook County trial court. In positioning this matter for a favorable appellate ruling, Richard WarisJames SipchenMatthew Tibble and David Stein prevailed on a successful Motion to Dismiss, which maintained that any alleged defamatory statements were substantially true, that they could be innocently construed, and that they were additionally protected by a qualified privilege.

February 2013 | Firm News