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Attorneys Win Dismissal In Accounting Malpractice Case

Pretzel & Stouffer partner, Jim Sipchen and Matt Tibble recently secured a dismissal of a third-party complaint brought by an attorney and her law firm against a Chicago-based accounting firm and an individual accountant alleging accounting malpractice. The attorney, who had been sued for legal malpractice, had attempted to blame the accountants for a missed deadline for the filing of a Federal Estate Tax Form 706 which resulted in the plaintiff incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties levied by the IRS. Jim and Matt successfully established that the attorney’s third-party claim against the accountants was barred by the statute of limitations in that, under the Contribution Act, a claim against a third-party defendant is barred if that claim could not have been timely filed by the plaintiff at the time it sued the defendant in the underlying cause.

September 2012 | Firm News