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Jury Verdict For Cardiovascular Surgeon

Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys Edward B. Ruff, III and Mary H. Cronin obtained a defense trial victory for the estate of a cardiovascular surgeon in a case involving right leg paralysis as a result of an arterial venous fistula (“AV fistula”) repair surgery. The AV fistulas were created during a cardiac catheterization procedure performed by another doctor. Plaintiff alleged that while under the control and management of the doctor during this repair surgery, Plaintiff received an injury to his right femoral nerve. Immediately after the surgery, Plaintiff complained of right leg weakness and numbness and was diagnosed with severe femoral neuropathy. The defense successfully argued that this type of injury is a known complication of an AV fistula repair surgery and the surgery was more difficult due to Plaintiff’s co-morbidities. Plaintiff asked the jury for an award between $1.5 million and $1.75 million.

February 2013 | Firm News